From version 3, the Dockerfile inside the repository can be used for easy deployment through docker.

It is a two step process, building and running.


(make sure you have docker in your system)

git clone cityio
cd cityio
docker build -t cityio .

This will build the container image to the latest version. git pull to update the code.


The cityio container assumes that a redis instance is running in (the default), this can be a docker container itself, if redis is running inside a different address or/and port, you can change the what is written in the DockerFile.


With that, the container can run by the following command.

docker run -p 8080:8080 --net=host cityio

the --net=host option is for the container to access the host side localhosts' ports, to have the container access redis.

This will output the logs in that session, where we usually run cityio in a tmux session for realtime observation. The -d option can be added to run in deamon mode.